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Health insurance becomes effective on the first day of the month following your effective hire date, provided the Employee Benefits Department has received your completed enrollment form within 60 calendar days of your hire date. If your paperwork is not received within this timeframe, you may enroll in any health coverages during the next open enrollment period.

You may waive medical insurance if you have medical coverage through another group health plan. To waive medical insurance, you must indicate waiver on the enrollment or benefits change form and provide proof of your other group health coverage.

You are responsible for any dependent coverage. Generally, “dependents” are the employee’s spouse and children up to the age of 26 (medical, dental, vision and health care FSA coverage only). Children are covered on the DPS health, dental and/or vision until the end of the month in which they become age 26, regardless of marital, student, or tax-dependent status.

Employees may also enroll common-law spouse and same-sex domestic partners in the health insurance program with notarized affidavit. An employee must pay for his or her same-sex partner's health coverage on an after-tax basis.

You may change coverage during the Open Enrollment period, which is typically the first three weeks in May. At this time, you may change plans, add or drop coverage, or add or drop dependents. Mid-year changes are allowed if you have certain job or family status changes and return the complete the Benefits Change Form within 30 days from the qualifying event date. 

It is the responsibility of the employee to verify that the requested benefit changes were made properly by viewing their payroll stub through Employee Space on a monthly basis and report any discrepancies to HR Connect, 720-423-3900. DPS will not refund premiums in excess of the amount the insurance carrier is willing to reimburse or DPS District Contribution beyond two previous months.

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